a mistake and awaiting a visitor

by katiejoepotato

This week, not much exciting happened. Except one major thing. Zach changed his name! Which is lovely of him in the first place, and also because he beat me to it. Still Kate Todd over here. Unfortunately for Zach, he was already endowed with two middle names. And because he loves me/it made me feel better about changing my name he has now taken on another – sort of.

Evidently, America has RULES about your name. How long your middle names can be, to be exact. So now, my lovely husband has the most RIDICULOUS name in the world. Previously Zachary Beren George Nordling, I now present to you Zachary B. George Todd Nordling.

B. B! Thats all he could do! We laughed alot. And pretended it gives him more street cred. Or something.

On a completely unrelated note, my mom is coming to visit next week! She’s flying in for a few days to keep my lonely butt company. And if you know my mom, you know that there is nothing she loves more than tea. Tea = more than just a drink. It is a lifestyle. I needed to come up with a tea pairing treat that verged on free. So I made biscotti.

I’ve never actually made the italian treat before (hi Giada!), but they’re so wonderfully simple. I used the recipe from a lovely little blog I frequent quite often. You should really check out her stuff. She’s genius!

In other news:

this, for many many gift wrappings, and handwork, for cold nights ahead