here and there

by katiejoepotato

My mom just left on a train for the Newark airport, which, we discovered, is much harder to get to by public transit if you don’t live in Manhattan. We can only dream, Zach and I. Someday we shall live in a tiny, but adorable, impeccably constructed Soho loft. Until then, our 500 square foot flat in West New York suits us just fine. I’ll post some pictures on here at some point – when I’ve sufficiently convinced myself that I can’t make any more improvements.

 [ pastry and coffee from the old german bakery ]

We had a wonderful week. After a day or so we found ourselves falling into a routine. Wake up, eat oat squares, go somewhere for an adventure/walk until our feet hurt, come back, eat lunch, get sleepy, watch a movie – and so on. It really was beautiful. Fall on the east coast really put on a show for my mama. Everyone was saying things like “What gorgeous walking weather!”, or “Aren’t you just enjoying the crisp breeze?” and other equally fall-infatuated statements. There’s something about the mixture of grey dreary days, bold warm colors of the trees and the warm sparkle of the sun on those cool fall days. Not to mention the pumpkins littering the streets. I’m a summer girl at heart, (I prefer to blow dry my hair naturally – in the warmth of the sun) but there will always be a little hop-skip-and-a-jump in my heart when the  first sugar maple starts to turn brilliant shades of red and yellow.

 [ hudson street on a rainy day ]

 [ they wrote my name on my cup! and Mumford on a job hunting afternoon ]

And of course, with these heart palpitations come the inevitable urge to photograph the little things. That tree! The way the light hits those glorious ancient buildings! My Starbucks cup! And other sundry items. (I really should get new batteries for my camera. Iphones are awesome, but no replacement for the real thing.) So I suppose this entry is a little bit of a photo essay – dedicated to the beauty of fall. Also, to fall visitors. And good art.

[ part of the DIWhy installation: by Gene Schmitt ]

In other news:

This recipe, from the blog responsible for beginning my cooking addiction.

And, this syrup.