absolute crazy

by katiejoepotato

2012-11-19 13.20.44

Life has been absolutely crazy. Seriously. And i’m not talking about the fact that Rihanna is blasting in our apartment right now and I’m being sassy with pretend friends.

I’m talking about hurricanes and floods, and no power and going to my Auntie’s farm, and getting stuck and almost being a permanent resident on Laura’s daybed. ( I found a stink bug in that particular daybed, so if you happen to sleep in it someday, check the foot of the bed before you get cosy.)

In contrast to this insanity,  wondrous acts of community have and are taking place.  People are looking outside themselves and helping others. Zach and I were taken in for over a week by our good friends the Troast family. They were beyond hospitable, letting us stay until our power came back on. All of you have sent us so much joy. We are absolutely overwhelmed with all the love right now.

And after all that came Thanksgiving,  and so many competitive cousins, and sickness.

Life is starting to get back to  normal. Back to the job hunt, back to our daily little routines. Which currently include but are not limited to: parks and recreation, homemade bread, crocheting, and general large daily coffee intake.