by katiejoepotato

2012-12-19 21.00.33 [ a little bunch of leftovers from our christmas tree ]

Our baby tiny apartment looks like someone splattered Christmas all over it, and not too evenly. This is Zach and I’s first holiday season post-wedding. While I did accumulate a few Christmas decorations thanks to some major sales, and a special gifting for searching through Salvation Army, unfortunately the kitchen is completely un-festive, and I just straight up ignored the bathroom. But our living room! Oh the glory! Not really. But I think it looks pretty cute.

I’ve always felt, even as a little girl,  that it isn’t just Christmas itself, but the weeks leading up to it that make this time of year so special.  Hot chocolate, the smell of evergreen, burning candles, piles and piles of sweets and a general aura of coziness fills our spirits with glee. The anticipation of what is upon our horizon is almost as special as the holiday itself.

2012-12-19 21.07.04 [ a very grainy photograph of my first wrapped present ]

But the best, the BEST, are SECRETS. I love Christmas secrets. Tucking presents away in corners of closets, the general “i’m going to get something” excuse when you dash out the door, and the only time a year my parents EVER condoned lying. Christmas lies are different.

Living far far away from almost all of the people you love can be difficult this time of year. Right now, I’m wishing I had a certain someone to go Christmas shopping with, or another certain someone to make cookies with. Alas, I found myself watching the Family Stone alone this year, which meant crocheting and crying. Both and probably at the same time.

2012-12-19 20.51.21 [ a mid-afternoon pick me up. all week long. ]

But Friday we are Illinois-bound!  Friendly faces await, there are places revisit, treats to be made, and plenty of hugs to give. I’m hoping this time I will make it through security at the airport without someone searching my hair.

I may get a chance to hop on and post during the holidays, but if I don’t, may it be Merry and Bright.

2012-12-19 20.41.52[ hoboken hasn’t  gotten the memo that its supposed to be snowing.  ]