in which i get a flu shot and still get the flu

by katiejoepotato


For those of you who may not know me as well, I have a piece of information for you. My immune system is crap.

I have never met ANYONE who gets as sick as often as I do. And its not only that I get sick: I get REALLY sick.

Mono? Had it. Strep? Four times last year.

I was sick when I met Zach, in my dear friend Christy’s wedding. Then my friend Kaye got married, what did I do? Get sick. There was even a running joke that I would be sick for my own wedding, but instead, Laura and Kari, two of my bridesmaids (who incidentally NEVER get sick) were both sick. I believe that they took my sickness upon themselves for me.

So here I lay in bed, watching copious amounts of Dr. Quinn, and resisting (not very well) the impulse to watch gobs of Michaela/Sulley fan vids on youtube. I’ve eaten an entire package of pistachio pudding, and am contemplating how much energy it would use to take a shower.

When I was little, being sick was almost fun! Almost. My mom would give us a little brass bell that we could ring whenever we wanted or needed anything. We called it the sick bell. For stomach ailments, my mom believed in the power of sprite and orange juice. While I’m not sure they have any proven medicinal benefits, to this day I can’t be sick without craving it.

What are your “sick traditions”?