by katiejoepotato

An elusive feeling, a refreshing of our souls: spring, without fail, gives me new energy and fresh inspiration.

Today, that inspiration is spring cleaning. Well, errands, running around like a crazy person and spring cleaning.

image (1) [ its nice when things are clean ]

Life, like usual refuses to calm down. Since I last posted, our little car died. Not a pretty death, either. Some person lost control of their vehicle and crashed into our innocently parked car. The axle was broken, tons of body damage etc. Needless to say, when the insurance company called, the word on their lips was “totaled”.

So, after a few weeks of intensive searching, we have another little baby car. Even SMALLER, actually, which is proving to be a dream while parallel parking in the midst of little Havana. No frills on this little dude. Manual windows, CASSETTE PLAYER (mix tapes – you shall be unearthed!)…pretty much manual everything. Except transmission. Which makes me the happiest girl in the world. Yes, I tried to learn stick. Yes, I was doing pretty well. Until: we moved to driving hell.

So now I’m free as a bird! Trader Joes? Here I come!

Now, to new things, better things. Exciting changes on the horizon. Spring has given me a new lease on life. Not to mention a ravenous appetite for salads. And yogurt. Every. Single. Year.

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