everything is better with enamel

by katiejoepotato

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I’ve inherited my mother’s tendency towards all things antique, vintage or anything that may fall anywhere near those two categories.  I grew up going garage-saling every weekend during the hot midwest summers and I learned the tricks, techniques and persistence that leads to the really good stuff.

This past weekend, Z and I trekked out to small town New Jersey to visit a antique store in the attic of an old warehouse. It was my personal heaven. As I waded knee deep in un-sorted treasures he was stumbling after me, bumping into kitschy lamps; getting stuck in hoards of mid-century furniture. Maneuvering through stacks of extremely fragile items is an art, and I, my friends am the master. The deep corners of these stores, the dark corners where no-one has taken the time to dig through the dusty piles: this is where it’s at.

We made a pretty good haul this weekend: a chipped looking tall blue basket, aluminum tins for bathroom organizing, an enamel bowl, and an enamel pot and lid. I love everything we bought, but i’m really the most psyched about the ENAMEL. Its just more beautiful that ordinary cookware! Make a pot of soup in a white enamel pot and you’ll be converted, I swear. I have a large collection of bananas on my counter constantly these days, ( for smoooothies) and their presence slightly annoyed me until I transferred them to enamel. Tres chic, no?

There’s something about the simplicity of it. White. Clean. A delicate rim. Ultimately practical. I don’t like to be surrounded with unattractive things. And I REALLY hate feeling cluttered or claustrophobic. Don’t even get me started on cords, and wires and UGH. In a tiny apartment, everything makes a statement, so my motto ever since moving has been that unless it is beautiful and practical – its not worth it. And enamel definitely qualifies. Now, you may ask, is there such a thing as TOO much enamel? If there is, I haven’t yet found it.

Fortunately, for those of you who do not wish to come home covered in dust, enamel is making somewhat of a resurgence in current day decor and kitchen tools. I’ve found several lust-worthy pieces here, and also here.

Other objects on the wishlist to prettify my life

What do you do to create beauty in your surroundings?