seasonal depression in a baby apartment

by katiejoepotato

photo (8) [ the world in bloom ]

Do you do what I do?

Wintertime is my hibernation period. I tend to adopt a new tv series, or get really hooked on a trilogy of books and I bunker down. I cook and bake, I crochet miles of yarn. But go outside? Not so much. I’ve been wondering if I have seasonal depression for some time – but really I think I’m just mourning the loss of sunshine on my skin.

Summertime is the opposite. Which is partly why I haven’t been posting much ’round these parts. There’s too much to see, too much to do! If I’m sitting inside in air conditioning for too long I start to feel as though I am missing out on the ENTIRE SUMMER OF WONDERFULNESS and I MUST DO SOMETHING NOW.  Zach calls it my “restlessness”.  No time for blog posts! (Except right now. We’re dog sitting. )

photo (9) [ saturdays in central park ]

I follow a lovely blog called Reading My Tea Leaves. She’s not only fabulous, but, like me she also lives in a tiny space – and gives out tips on how to best survive whilst in a itty bitty dwelling. Much of said advice consists of the mantra “GO OUTSIDE”. While slightly obvious, this small idea is absolutely life changing. Treating the entire world like your living room not only widens your perspective, but it also increases your affection for your little baby space! No longer is your apartment a minute prison, but a welcome respite. These are just more reasons why Summer is the greatest. Also Spring and Fall. Just not Winter.

photo (10) [ st. paul’s is an inspiration ]

in other news:

is this real life?

movies in the park are better than movies inside