by katiejoepotato


I grew up in a home that emphasized the “reuse, recycle, reclaim” mantra. I’ve continued to adhere to it in my adult life, and have tried to keep an environmentally friendly home as best I can. I believe that protecting and saving our environment resides in all the small choices that we make every day. Sure, I would love to have enough money to only buy green, organic, local, sustainable items. But that’s just not my reality. So I make my everyday count. Here are my big, non-negotiables.

1. No bottled water. Ever. (except if you’re literally dying of thirst, or in a country where the water isn’t potable) Seriously, if everyone on our planet just drank tap water, or bought a brita, the world would be an instantly better place. This article states it well.

2. Everything possible gets recycled. Even if it means carrying around that can all day to bring home and toss in our recycling.

3. Reuse. Yes, I wash my Ziplocs and aluminum foil.

4. Use glass when possible. I do still have plastic leftover containers, but we’ve slowly been making the switch to glass. We have a growing Weck jar collection, and I am SO excited now that IKEA has new glass refrigerator/freezer storage containers! I also recently bought this BKR water bottle, and I’m in love.

5. Conserve. Turn off lights, water, etc.

6. Make. I make my own bread, chicken broth, granola, etc. I use dry beans and soak them, I stay away from processed foods if at all possible. The more you make yourself, the more you control your preservative intake. Not to mention salt and a whole host of other chemicals. You also buy less packaging that you either need to throw away or recycle.

I am constantly looking for new ways to become more green. I’m considering these, and this is currently in my amazon shopping cart. I am SO excited to start composting! I can’t tell you how much it hurts me every time I throw away something compostable.  And don’t get me started on my crusade to require all restaurants to compost.

I recently decided that we need to make the switch to earth-friendly cleaning products. It was a hard one for me, mostly because of the cost difference, but after extensive research, I decided it was time. You can buy “green” products in most grocery stores, but they still contain quite a few chemicals, so we decided to go with Common Good. They use all naturally derived substances, and you can go on their website and read about all of them. PLUS they come in the most amazing scents like Bergamot and Lavender. Yay for one more every day step!

What do you do to stay green?

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