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by katiejoepotato

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Today is TACO DAY. Well, for me, every day is taco day. Heck, I even had tacos at my wedding. But I have nothing against people who just want to get the word out there. I think I’m going to write a book called “The Taco Diet: How I stayed the Same Weight. ”

But you can’t have tacos without salsa, can you? No, you cannot. And please, please, STOP BUYING STORE-BOUGHT SALSA. It’s either no good, or ridiculously expensive. If you make this salsa you will never go back, I promise. And the best part is you can have all these ingredients (perhaps minus the cilantro) in your house at ALL TIMES. I know I do. You never know when you’re going to HAVE to eat tacos. right now.

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Here’s what you need:

1 can petite diced tomatoes (juice and all!)

1 can rotel (or generic, tomatoes with green chilies)

1 garlic clove, pressed or chopped

a small spoon or squirt of honey

1/4 tsp cumin

1/2 large red onion, or a whole small one roughly chopped

the juice of  1/2 – 1 lime, depending on the size/juiciness. I usually use more.

1 bunch cilantro, roughly chopped (I LOVE me some cilantro, but you can use however much you like)

salt and pepper to taste

Throw everything in a blender and blend until well combined. Taste, adjust to your preference and you’re done! I keep ours in a large Weck jar and it stays fresh for almost two months. Or two days. You know.

Fun Fact: This whole recipe (about 5 cups of salsa) costs around 3 bucks.

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