THE jeans

by katiejoepotato

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I read an article once, about a woman who rid herself of any piece of clothing that she didn’t feel FABULOUS in. I’m still working this – thanks to a stint working at Urban Outfitters in my early twenties, my closet until recent years remained remarkably unedited. I’ll probably be inspired to wax poetic at another time about the amazing feeling of getting rid of clothes/belongings/clutter, and my slow climb toward minimalism, but today I really want to tell you about the pair of jeans that changed my life. (Yes, it’s that dramatic.)

My body and jeans haven’t always gotten along. I’m a curvy person who tends to want to wear the breezy outfits that look like something Mary Kate and Ashley Olson’s best friend might wear. (To be clear, I am not their best friend, but am totally willing.) All this to say – I have owned many a pair of jeans that did me no favors.

Enter, THE jeans. A friend recommended that I try a pair of high waisted jeggings that she had recently bought from American Eagle. I was skeptical. I hadn’t bought jeans from AE since high school – and they were low rise flares. (The Xtina look. You know what I mean.) Nevertheless, I was desperate. I had a hand-me-down pair of Old Navy jeans from my sister that were a size too small when you first put them on, and a size too large after one day of wear, a pair of thin-ish too tight jeggings from my days at Urban, and was recently mourning the discontinuation of my favorite jeans from Uniqlo.

As soon as I put them on I knew. They zipped up crisply, hugged all the right places, stayed up when I walked and I sat (WHAT), didn’t bag in weird places after a few wears, and paired well with all my tops. I bought two pairs immediately. It took me a while to finally give a parting blessing to my ill-fitting jeans and send them out the door – but finally, this spring, I did it. Now, each morning when peruse my options, at the very least, my jeans make me feel like I’m a human woman whose body is a gift, not a curse.

The thing is, it doesn’t matter what jeans are your perfect jeans; what does matter is that you feel good in what you put on your body. The older I get the more I firmly believe that no one should wear things that don’t make you feel good in your skin. Over this last year, my body has changed! I’m 31. I get stressed and have a beer when I get home. I kickbox instead of run (NO ONE TELLS YOU YOUR BUTT GETS BIGGER WITH EXERCISE). Despite changes in my shape, I’ve felt more confident in my skin this year than I have so far in my adult life. My recommendation/moral of this story: invest in something (jeans! underwear!) that makes you feel strong, beautiful, and able, and leave behind what doesn’t.


My jeans.

If you’re working toward that low-waste life like me, secondhand jeans are an amazing option.

Ethical clothing.